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Chiemi Portrait Traditional Photography

Photos shot on black & white film and processed and printed in a wet darkroom.  Several examples of alternative processes are also included.  (Some photos contain artistic nudity.)
Solarized Mannequin Sabatier Effect

A traditional darkroom process in which the negative or print is briefly exposed to light during development.   (Some photos contain artistic nudity.)
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Central Park Blues

A writer / photographer at loose ends in New York City
The Aesthetic Adventure

Cultural resources available to the Upper West Side's 99%
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The Dark Veil

New York City Noir #1:  A photographer is found shot to death in an alleyway in Chinatown.  The list of suspects includes a knife wielding ex-con, a Japanese filmmaker, and a Wall Street financier.  Not to mention the gorgeous mystery woman who once modeled for the murdered photographer.  Moody and intense and filled with non-stop suspense and unexpected twists.
The Blue Hours

New York City Noir #2:  A thriller set in New York City in 1970 when the town was still gritty and crime ridden.  Behan, a violent junkie just out of jail, wakes one morning in an East Village tenement to find himself holding a smoking gun with only a corpse to keep him company.  With the police closing in, Behan teams up with a sexy lap dancer to find the one witness who can tell him what really happened.