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Chiemi Portrait Traditional Photography

Photos shot on black & white film and processed and printed in a wet darkroom.  Several examples of alternative processes are also included.  (Some photos contain artistic nudity.)
Solarized Mannequin Sabatier Effect

A traditional darkroom process in which the negative or print is briefly exposed to light during development.   (Some photos contain artistic nudity.)
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City of Strangers

Creating a portrait of New York City by photographing the people on its streets.
The Aesthetic Adventure

Cultural resources available to the Upper West Side's 99%.
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The Dark Veil

Fiction:  A noir thriller set in New York City.  A photographer is found shot to death in an alleyway in Chinatown.  The list of suspects includes a knife wielding ex-con, a Japanese filmmaker, and a Wall Street financier.  Not to mention the gorgeous mystery woman who once modeled for the murdered photographer.  Moody and intense and filled with non-stop suspense and unexpected twists.

Fiction:  An unemployed ex-con eagerly agrees to participate in a university experiment that encourages its subjects to take control of their dreams and explore the unknown.  Soon, however, Connor encounters far stranger experiences than he had anticipated as the project crosses beyond the boundaries of the purely scientific into the realm of the paranormal.