The Blue Hours
  A Noir Thriller Set in 1970 New York City  
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Conceived as a tribute to Cornell Woolrich, noir's premiere author, The Blue Hours explores the genre's darkest recesses in a no holds barred tale of murder and revenge. 

It's the broiling summer of 1970 when Mick Behan, fresh out of jail, finds himself adrift in gritty New York City.  No one's ever going to pin a medal on Behan for being a model citizen.  A junkie given to fits of uncontrollable rage, he doesn't hesitate to steal from a poor woman with a sick child or to beat a pusher half to death.  Then one morning he wakes from a drugged stupor to find himself holding a smoking gun with only a corpse to keep him company.  Has he finally crossed the line and committed murder, or has he been set up?  Hunted relentlessly by the police, Behan teams up with a sexy blonde lap dancer in search of the one witness who can tell him what really happened that night.  No one knows better than Behan that it's a race against time.

This is a classic hardboiled novel in the tradition of the legendary pulp magazines of the 1920's and 30's.  Written in lean taut prose, it's a two-fisted action story filled with violence and suspense, not to mention gorgeous women who can't resist the lure of danger.  A riveting page turner, the book is guaranteed to keep readers glued to the edge of their seats.